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"The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind,
there is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind,
the sound of the gong" - Yogi Bhajan

The Power of the Gong

My name is Lou Maurer and I have trained as both a Gong Healing Therapist and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

About Us

Harmonious Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-being

From a young age, I loved to create things and liked to solve practical problems, generally out of wood. I combined these passions and became a carpenter and have now worked with wood for over 35 years.

A whole new world was exposed to me by my first Gong Bath in the U.K. with Gong Master Mark Swan, it created a bridge for me from the practical world into the spiritual world.

Soon after my first Gong Bath experience I followed my calling and trained as a Gong Master.

After I purchased my first Gong I found myself wanting to design something very beautiful yet practical to suspend my Gong from. I wanted to design a stand that would enable me to play all the areas of the Gong without being limited by the stand, making the overall experience even more pleasurable.

About Us

Harmonious Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-being

Iam extremely passionate about both working with wood and playing the gong. I believe these two aspects work in perfect harmony with each other.

Mark & I had many long conversations about what a stand should be and I went away to design my first stand. Although this prototype was not the best or final design, it is still in use today. After many hours of soul-searching designing, I arrived at a new version of the curved wooden stand, tailor made for the individual gong player.

There are now several new Gong Stand designs in the pipeline as I am always seeking to build new and beautiful designs. I am hoping to introduce these onto my website later in the year.

Mark & I continue to work together both creatively and play the Gongs in gong baths all over the country and now in Europe. You can find us in Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark and Switzerland.


Harmonious Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-being

Handcrafted Wooden Gong Stands

Harmonious Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-being

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Harmonious Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-being

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